What Can SCL Tutors Offer Your Child?

SCL Tutors is a budding Service dedicated to supporting children with their learning.  Currently we support the learning needs of children from the ages of 6 years to 16 years.  We have plans to extend this provision to cover subjects up to A-Level.

We cover all the primary school (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2) Literacy and Numeracy curriculum needs.  We also cover the core curriculum requirements in English, Maths and Science in both Key Stages 3 and 4 – when the children start their secondary education. 

We offer small group sessions as well as one on one sessions and depending on the specific needs of the child or the parents’ preferences, we arrange sessions that suit the needs of every child. 

Our sessions are usually 2 hours long and take place at the Tuition Centre.  Many of our attendees complete 2 hours of work at the centre every week.  We are ready to discuss other options with parents to meet the specific needs of the child.

During the sessions, we tailor the work we do with the children to be in line with what they are studying in school.  This is especially so for children in Key Stages 3 and 4 with the sole purpose that the additional work they do at the centre impacts positively on their overall learning and achievements in school.

At the end of every session, the children receive adequate (not overwhelming) homework for the additional support and practice of the concepts they are learning.

In addition to the usual sessions, this Service also provides specialized programmes such us the 11-Plus and the 13-Plus programmes where children are trained and taught strategies and techniques aimed at helping them to do well in the Grammar and Independent school entry exams.  We are ready to discuss these specialized programmes in more details with any parent wishing to know more.

Why Should You Register Your Child With Us?

We have dedicated pages on our website where, we have provided Maths resources geared towards helping children with their maths in KS2 and in the 11-Plus programme. 

We have video resources as well as pdf resources and other help-sheets that children can download and use to support their learning. 

We plan to extend this provision to cover work in all subjects including Maths, English and Science spanning all the key stages.